Additional stocking at Seven Lakes Fishery March 2021


Did Josh just mention there will be new carp stock added to Lake 7!? 😁🎣 🐟 Lake 2 - New 4-6" mirrors and commons ✔ 🐟 Lake 4 - New 6-8" mirrors and commons ✔ 🐟 Lake 5 - New 6-8" mirrors and commons ✔ 🦈 Lake 7 30x 7lb - 9lb - mirrors and commons coming soon!

Additional stocking at Seven Lakes Fishery March 20212021-05-02T16:41:02+01:00

Netting lake 5 February 2020


Netting on Monday saw a small team of our bailiffs, plus a couple of helpful volunteers gather down at the lakes in anticipation of seeing a net full of fish. Aiming to net a ‘sample’ of lake 5 due to excess brambles and rough margins the netting was a success. Due to news of devastating predation at other local fishing venues we were keen to find out how our stock levels were in lake 5, especially on the smaller side of species as there was plenty of fry seen in the lake last summer. [...]

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Lake 4 oxygen levels


[Lake 4 update 21/8/2019] Last week during regular oxygen level testing on our lakes, we found that oxygen levels in lake 4 had dropped suddenly and so set up pumps to aid fast aeration to the lake. As a precaution, we also called in the Environmental Agency for advice, who sent a consultant down straight away. The EA were pleased with our fast action and were happy that we were doing exactly what was required to return the lake to a healthy level. They also mentioned that lots of lakes nationwide have struggled with plummeting oxygen levels during this hot [...]

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January netting – thank you


What a beautiful day at the lakes today for netting! A big thank you to all who came down to help and of course to AE Fisheries for their knowledge and expertise. Here are a few pictures from the morning and netting of Lake 6. More to come as the content rolls in. Head on over to our Instagram to check out some videos on our story and posts.

January netting – thank you2019-01-24T11:23:19+00:00


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