Netting on Monday saw a small team of our bailiffs, plus a couple of helpful volunteers gather down at the lakes in anticipation of seeing a net full of fish. Aiming to net a ‘sample’ of lake 5 due to excess brambles and rough margins the netting was a success. Due to news of devastating predation at other local fishing venues we were keen to find out how our stock levels were in lake 5, especially on the smaller side of species as there was plenty of fry seen in the lake last summer.

We are pleased to report that the level of silver fish is very healthy in lake 5. In even better news the carp that were stocked in the lake three years ago have really started putting on weight, with a select few at just over the double figure mark and the majority well on their way to becoming doubles. As the carp push on into mid doubles they will be transferred to other lakes in future nettings but for now remain a sporting challenge in lake 5.

The plan is to bring the lake on and turn it fully into a pleasure fishing lake of which would be ideal for match fishermen looking to spend a session on the rod or pole. Netting plenty of silvers will be the aim of this lake whilst having the added challenge of landing carp up to double figures on lighter gear, we simply can’t wait to fish this lake during the spring!

Work on lake 5 will be scheduled in the forthcoming months to tackle the further tidying of the margins plus the potential addition of a few more swims and the clearing of the downed tree.