[Lake 4 update 21/8/2019]

Last week during regular oxygen level testing on our lakes, we found that oxygen levels in lake 4 had dropped suddenly and so set up pumps to aid fast aeration to the lake. As a precaution, we also called in the Environmental Agency for advice, who sent a consultant down straight away. The EA were pleased with our fast action and were happy that we were doing exactly what was required to return the lake to a healthy level. They also mentioned that lots of lakes nationwide have struggled with plummeting oxygen levels during this hot weather and sometimes it’s sadly been too late to save casualties.

After an assessment lake 4 was considered in good condition and fish welfare was returned to our high standard once again. We are continuing to monitor the oxygen levels on lake 4 and across the rest of our lakes even more regularly during this heatwave. Luckily, we saw no casualties but this was only due to the fast awareness and action of our lake management team and bailiffs.

Our fishery management at Seven Lakes ensures the welfare of our fish stocks is paramount.