• Be on site during your agreed rota times.
• Adhere to the rules of the lakes and ensure these are upheld by others at all times.
• Issue Day tickets on behalf of Seven Lakes Fishery and check for valid tickets or concessions.
• Submit all monies collected to Young Estates & Land Ltd offices at least once a month.
• Undertake regular inspections of the fisheries and remove any litter.
• Commit to attending up to 6 work party days per year
• To encourage fishermen to maintain the cleanliness of the fisheries and remind them that they are responsible for a swim once they decide to fish it.
• Inform Seven Lakes Fishery office and/or Head Bailiff of any misdemeanour or ban, so that it can be enforced.
• To provide Water Reports which will outline the fish species and sizes being caught and in which lakes.


Please supply two character references. One should ideally be someone you have had a business relationship with (e.g. an Employer), whilst the second can be someone you know on a personal basis who can vouch for your character. In both instances, they should have known you for at least 2 years.


• Free fishing all year round
• Be part of a team passionate about fishing
• Regular bailiff social events, including Work Parties, Bailiff Matches, Meetings and social evenings.
• Help a fishery improve and grow over the next few years.

Please fill in the following details to apply for a Bailiff position at Seven Lakes Fishery & return to Youngs Estate Office (Address below) or by email to fish@sevenlakes.co.uk
Please supply a photo ID and a copy of a recent Utility Bill to verify your address.

    Rod Licence number:

    Rod Licence expiry date:

    Two separate references are required. You will have needed to have known each of them for more than two years. One should be a work related reference and the other should be personal reference.

    1st reference

    2nd reference