Autumn is the perfect time to catch your PB!

Welcome to autumn and boilie munching season

We all know that if there’s one time of the year that carp like to feed on boilies, it’s now. Since the sudden dip in temperatures this month, our stock have already shown the signs of getting amongst the bait with many captures over healthy offerings. We advocate the use of fresh bait with frozen boilies where possible and use of fresh particle or good quality shelf life bait.

We recommend booking an extended session during midweek for your best opportunity to get amongst the stock in lakes 6 & 7. Firstly fishing midweek is ideal with less angling pressure on the lakes and secondly you can spread out or move swims easily should you want.

Continued effort helping the grass roots of the sport goes a long way!

It’s safe to say that this summer has been a busy one here at the fishery. With our final Get Fishing Awards event due this weekend it will see us reach a major goal. Our fantastic group of volunteer anglers have helped to teach over 300 children to fish for the first time on our lakes. We have received some lovely feedback from parents and with the level of returning customers each event has been a sell-out.

A special mention goes to Josh our very patient and efficient fishery assistant who has untangled more rigs and whips than you can imagine. With his dedication he has now passed his level 2 coaching course and is now certified to teach to a high professional level. Josh also passed his first aid course this week and will continue to bring anglers more support and tips for their fishing as well as the ‘kiss of life’ should they so require it. Hopefully not!

We would like to say a big thank you to the Angling Trust for their continued support this summer, especially with providing equipment to help groups of scouts further their angling education at Seven Lakes.

SLF Scopex Squid boilies are landing big carp

Specifically formulated for us by Five Star Baits, our new SLF Scopex Squid boilies have been selling like hot cakes and more importantly have been playing a part to some huge captures down on lakes 6 & 7. Bailiff Richie Cordon who played a role helping to test and develop the bait with Josh has landed Split Fin again and also plenty of 20s out of Lake 6 this last month.

Priced at £8.99 per kilo these yellow beauties really do pack a punch. They smell both sweet and strong, have a fantastic composition and ooze taste, exactly what a good angler wants from their bait. Having tested this bait in other lakes, you can expect good results when fish are feeding.

The new disabled swim is now finished and ready for anglers

Our estate team have now completed the build of our brand-new disabled swim of which was partially funded from a grant awarded to us by the Angling Trust Angling Improvement Fund. The swim is located on Lake 6 and is complete with a disabled toilet and car park within meters of the lake. The swim features a safety bar for wheelchair users and firm ground to make casting and access much easier. With the swim being a double swim, friends or a fellow angler can fish close to be able to provide the disabled angler with any assistance if required.

Although it is a priority swim for disabled anglers, other anglers are welcome to fish the swim, but should be prepared to vacate it should a disabled angler require the swim.

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