10 reasons why our anglers now have to book online in advance of their session

  1. Bailiffs or staff don’t have to handle cash, this was introduced during the pandemic and means that we’re now a cashless fishery.
  2. Bailiffs can now check in anglers using their mobile phones.
  3. Users can book and cancel their own sessions within their account.
  4. Handy app for Apple and Android phones, which allows users to book and manage their bookings from their mobile phones.
  5. The fishery knows who is supposed to be fishing and on site where and when.
  6. The fishery will not become overbooked. We have limited day tickets and night fishing.
  7. We can easily identify and ban any anglers who break the rules i.e. leaving rubbish.
  8. You can now order bait and other tackle with your ticket as a bolt on.
  9. Anglers can now see how busy the fishery is before they visit.
  10. Anglers can book for friends and family.