Top anglers Sash Carp (+ Chris) setting up yesterday on a beautiful morning pre storm in hope of catching something weighty. So far this Jan & Feb it’s not been easy to catch big weights but a trip out is never wasted with the natural delights of a beautiful fishery and setting up and learning the water. We are all really keen to see the stock come on the feed this year and it’s only a matter of time. With stock levels of over 300 Carp over the 3.3 acre lake the lake most certainly isn’t short of potential but you have to work for it at this time of year. Last year we saw the fish come on around the middle of March but there were still some lovely catches coming out during Feb. Our advice is that if you find that you’re struggling on lake 6 you will often find it easier to catch on lake 7 (it generally always seems the case) and with carp up to 20lb it’s a very good option. If you’re not catching move and find other signs of fish and adapt to the conditions and features.