“We are pleased to announce the appointment of Steve Whatmore as ‘fishery assistant’. You can expect to see Steve around the lakes tending to regular water testing and other lake maintenance.  We look forward to achieving our future goals as a business and with Steve’s day to day help we will take our fishery to the next level.” – Seven Lakes Management

Steve Whatmore – Background

“My passion with fishing started when I first picked up a rod at the age of 12 and began fishing for trout and various coarse on the local rivers and lakes. After gaining more knowledge through my initial introduction to the world of fishing, I progressed to sea fishing for greater experiences and further knowledge of watercraft.

Since my early years and various fishing experiences there really was only one style of fishing that really stood out as a clear favourite for me and that was fishing for carp! I suppose that my understanding of rigs and bait developed quicker and enabled me to really immerse myself into the sport. To this day I believe that my best fishing is carping.

Developing and applying my angling skills to my career has been a goal of mine and so I have been studying aquaculture and fish husbandry for the last couple of years. My last role was based within marketing and business development and although quite a full-time career change it is a change I have been working towards for a long time. One of my key focuses is to learn traditional skills and knowledge from the older generation and pass it on whilst also helping introduce more of the younger generation to the world of fishing. I believe that healthy living and good memories are made out in the wonderful world that we live in and the environment is there to be enjoyed and maintained for the wider community. Ideally if I can help the youth of today find fun in a new sport rather than just through their computers then I will be achieving another goal.

Providing coaching to families and solo anglers will also be on my list, alongside developing and maintaining the lakes, netting the lakes and helping anglers at Seven Lakes catch their PB’s!

As and when you see me down at the lakes, please do say hello and feel free to feedback to me with any questions or information that you wish to share.”

Some of Steve’s day to day roles:
Fish Husbandry
Water and Oxygen level tests
Cover phone enquiries in the evening and at weekends
Fishery Security
Netting every winter – stock checks
Maintaining fishing equipment
Maintain grounds within the fishery, litter picking, strimming, grass cutting
Attend bailiff meetings
Advise customers of best practices and tactics
Organise and attend work party days

Bailiff duties and provide cover when required
Maintain onsite toilets
Environmental management & maintenance
Build and maintain relationships with tackle shops, fishing publications, customers and suppliers with Fishery Manager
Encourage and collect catch reports, confirm catches, sizes, take photos to include on website and social media
Any other task that is requested from the Fishery Manager
Be polite and maintain good relationships with external customers
Develop and maintain good working relationships with suppliers and colleagues

Steve along with our team of bailiffs are here to answer any questions that you may have.
Please feel free to give the team any feedback, along with any ideas that you might have to improve the fishery experience here at Seven Lakes.