“Proudly offering something for every angler’s style, the Seven Lakes is a stunning complex and a wildlife refuge. Just as the name suggests, it consists of seven lakes scattered on a complex of woodland and incredible nature, which contain some 68 pegs in total. This is a modern, state of the art fishery which takes itself seriously – it offers some top-notch specimen and coarse fishing, and all of it managed with some serious and modern designing.

The entire fishery is almost a full-fledged wildlife sanctuary – a complex of wooded, pristine nature that offers a couple marked trails to experience the nature (the longest takes about 40 minutes to complete), as well as a medieval trail, special information posts, and a chance to observe flora and fauna. Day tickets at this remarkable venue start at £6 at the lowest, with many options available.
Without a doubt, Seven Lakes is Berkshire’s premiere location, hands down. It is mandatory to treat yourself to both some quality fishing, but also a quaint and inspirational walk through this wildlife sanctuary.” – Carp n Bait