The Fish

All fish photographs below feature fish at their heaviest weight
Heaviest weight32lb 15oz
Lake of residenceLake 6
Heaviest catch
Stevie Watson
Last caught on24/04/2021
Heaviest catch weight29lb
Lake of residenceLake 6
Caught byMatt Preston
Caught on29/04/2021
NameThe Grandfather
Last catch weight24lb 8oz
Lake of residenceLake 6
Last caught byAlex Purser
Last caught on7/4/2019
Last catch weight22lb
Lake of residenceLake 6
Last caught byShaun Russel
Last caught on16/5/18
NameST Jimmy
Last catch weight19lb 9oz
Lake of residenceLake 6
Last caught byTony Hind
Last caught on26/3/18
NamePete’s fish
Last catch weight22lb 8oz
Lake of residenceLake 6
Last caught byRyan Deacon
Last caught on4/2/18

Challenge details

Do you consider yourself a seasoned carp angler? Got all the gear and need to challenge yourself with more than just nice doubles? Here at Seven Lakes we have decided to make things more interesting than just setting up for a standard day or night session, we’ve set a challenge that will require serious determination, endurance and stamina but you will be rewarded with a place in our hall of fame should you complete it.

The “TOP 6 challenge” was born purely from competition between our hardy team of bailiffs. Catching a twenty at Seven Lakes is not that uncommon especially when we have such a big stock of carp in our lakes. During netting and famous sessions on the bank and few fish really stood out and so have been named and featured as real prize catches.

There is no time limit to catching all of the top 6 but once complete it will be without doubt that your skills really are at the top of their game and you will be accredited with a place in our hall of fame online. All catches are to be verified by photos and / or video and will be featured across our social networks.

Most of our bailiffs and season ticket holders are already in competition for the top 6 but as it stands only two of the top 6 have been caught by one angler so there is plenty of time for the first title to be clinched.