The fish

Last catch weight24lb 4oz
Lake of residenceLake 6
Last caught byKieren Morris
Last caught on13/09/2020
NameSplit Fin
Last catch weight24lb 6oz
Lake of residenceLake 6
Last caught byTom Mcclusky
Last caught on10/6/2020
Last catch weight19lb 10oz
Lake of residenceLake 6
Last caught byRyan Hicks
Last caught on11/9/18

Challenge details

“The A-Team” is a collective of carp that reside in lake 6 and happen to be our second challenge here at Seven Lakes. This challenge is one that is quite possibly easier to achieve with half the number of carp to net than the “Top 6”. Some say that The A-team are not quite as elusive as some of the other big weights in lake 6, which would make this an attractive first challenge.

Most anglers who frequent Seven Lakes are simply ticking off the fish as they go, much like having a bingo card with ‘The A-Team’ (as a line) and the ‘top 6’ (as a full house) and the ultimate goal. As you can imagine this will be a challenge that will take some anglers years to complete if at all but the pleasure really is in spending the time on the bank and landing any of the named fish you can.