Lake 7 challenge

Lake 7

1.1 Acres

10 – 16 ft

Carp – Common, Mirror (20lb+), Perch, Roach, Rudd & Tench

14 swims

The first angler to catch a 20lb+ (mirror or common carp) out of lake 7 (follow the steps below) will get to name their catch and be featured on the Seven Lakes website!

There really is a fantastic stock of carp in Lake 7 and due to our feeding program, we are now seeing our stocks enter the 20lb weight zone. There have been plenty of catches of 19lb carp but with sightings of bigger in the lake. It really is only a matter on time until a 20 is caught and properly weighed and photographed.

Of course it’s harder to identify a common but providing we receive quality photographs with enough detail to be able to easily identify the fish we will declare it named as per the anglers request.

Lake 7

Lake 7 is an excellent lake for the angler that wants to catch a lot of single and double figure Carp.

With depths up to 16ft across 1.1 Acres, the lake is stocked with over 300 Carp.

All methods work on the right day including surface fishing, standard Carp rigs and pop up rigs.

The current lake record stands at 17lb with the fish growing every year. There are also plenty of Perch, Roach and Rudd to go for as well.

If you are after a bend in your rod and plenty of action lake 7 is the lake to head to.