The duties of the bailiffs are to patrol the banks, ensure that the rules of the lakes are being upheld and to ensure that the lakes, swims and surrounding paths are clear from rubbish or obstructions.

The bailiffs can be identified by their ID Badges, which they should be wearing at all times. Please feel free to approach them if you have any questions.

New bailiffs are required from time to time, so if you are passionate about making the lakes a safe and pleasant place to fish and would like to fish free of charge, earn commission on the monies you collect, can dedicate some time to duties, including attending regular work party days, then please download and complete the Application Form, speak to a bailiff or email; phone 0118 940 8500 or visit Roy Young at Youngs Estate Office on Youngs Industrial Estate.

Work Party Days

Regular work party days are held for Bailiffs to do maintenance work around the lakes, including trimming trees and bracken and repairing or creating new swims.

Work Party Days are open for anyone to contribute so please keep an eye out on the website blog or visit our Facebook page for upcoming dates.

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